This is What the GOP is Hatching Against Ron Paul

May 14, 2008

This was emailed to a local Ron Paul Meetup Group…




Saturday morning, May 10, 2008, I attended the District 1 Annual meeting of

the Colorado Federation of Republican Women. Unbeknownst to me, the 2-hour

meeting would end up being an atrocious display of anti-Republican


In this letter, I will give the details from the meeting that were

repugnant.  Before I begin, I feel compelled to state that I could not

believe I was in the presence of

Liberty-loving people who stood by and were involved in this complicity.  As

the Republican National Committee Party Rules state (in the first

paragraph), “BE IT RESOLVED, That the Republican Party is the party of the

open door.  Ours is the party of liberty, the party of equality of

opportunity for all and favoritism for none.”

The headlining speaker was Michael Eddy from the McCain campaign.  I knew

something was fishy about this person, as the card attached to each of the

30-some roses he had delivered to the meeting on behalf of the McCain

campaign had, on one side, a personal endorsement to support him as a

delegate to the State or CD Assembly/Convention.

Mike spent the last quarter of his speech discussing his knowledge about the

“large contingency” of Ron Paul supporters in Colorado.  He said he was fine

with electing people who were Romney supporters to be National delegates,

but not Ron Paul supporters.

He said delegates should be “loyal” Republicans and Ron Paul supporters are

not.  He said we should not elect people as delegates who will get to the

National Convention and “light their hair on fire”.  He said Ron Paul

supporters would be a disgrace to the Republican Party.

He went on to state that they know that there are about 50 delegates for Ron

Paul who will be at the CD 1 Assembly.  He brought up what occurred with

another state’s convention and said that the National organization (RNC) is

working closely with the remaining states’ organizations to ensure Ron Paul

delegates do not get elected.  He said the National Committee will be having

a conference call with the Colorado State Republican Party Committee on

Monday (5/12) to discuss this.  He further explained that they would

accomplish this by changing the Rules prior to the convention and

additionally coming up with their own slate.

After Mike spoke,

other members in attendance echoed his inflammatory statements about Ron

Paul supporters.  Ruth Dolan, president, spoke in agreement with Mike Eddy’s

statements, as well as other officers.  One officer warned everyone to be

very “prudent” because there are people among us whom are “wolves in sheep’s


I recognized other Ron Paul supporters in the room, so I know I was not the

only one who left the meeting in complete disgust that Republicans could

conspire against other Republicans in such a way.  This is energy that

should be directed towards Democrats, not fellow Republicans!

All the Best,


GOP not welcoming to Rep. Ron Paul

May 2, 2008

The GOP likes to say it has a big tent, that many are welcome.

Well, this weekend at the District Republican Convention the tent seemed more like a pup tent. Ron Paul supporters were denied any speaking time. Two-thirds of the delegates voted to have no debate on the convention floor.

What is it that so scares Republicans about Ron Paul? Could it be that he has the courage to criticize Bush for adding more than $2 trillion to the deficit? Could it be that Ron Paul scares them because he actually votes against deficit spending, even when it comes from a Republican administration?

Could it be that they can’t stand to hear from a Republican who believes that war should only be fought with a formal declaration from Congress, as the Constitution mandates?

The biggest news of the Republican presidential season is not who the nominee is but how small the Republican primaries have become. Democrats outnumbered Republicans 2 to 1 in most of the early primary states.

At the district convention, approximately 25 percent of the delegates were for Ron Paul. In Pennsylvania last week, 16 percent of Republicans voted for Ron Paul. Do local Republicans not care if we remain in the party? Many of Ron Paul’s supporters are lifelong Republicans, but many also are independents and former Democrats. Many will consider supporting a third party candidate, especially after the way they were treated.

The Republicans have lost both the U.S. House and U.S. Senate. If you want to send them a message that they‘ve failed to live up to their promises of limited government and balanced budgets, vote for Ron Paul on May 20.

Also, Ron Paul will speak at 2 p.m. May 16 at Bowling Green High School.

Rand Paul

Bowling Green

Editor’s note: Rand Paul is Ron Paul’s son.

Ron Paul Nevada Delegates Voted to National Convention Before Recess

May 2, 2008

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Ron Paul supporters not lining up behind McCain

May 2, 2008

Ron Paul supporters not lining up behind McCain

May 2, 2008

As far as John McCain is concerned, the Republican presidential nomination is a done deal and the party is united behind him. But thousands of Republicans — particularly supporters of Texas Rep. Ron Paul — aren’t buying that.

In the Pennsylvania primary, more than 215,000 Republicans cast ballots for Paul or former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who together captured 27% of the vote.

And that was tame compared with the uproar last weekend at Nevada’s Republican Party Convention.

About 600 well-organized Paul supporters overwhelmed McCain’s forces and engineered a rule change that permitted national convention delegates to be nominated from the floor, wresting the task from party leaders.

That evening, party leaders unexpectedly adjourned the session, saying the proceedings would take too long to finish that night.

But tongues were set wagging about whether the adjournment was a maneuver to save McCain from the embarrassment of being swamped by Paul delegates.

Eric Herzik, a political scientist at the University of Nevada, Reno, said the fracas reflected, among other things, that McCain had “yet to capture the hearts and minds of Nevada Republicans.”

All of which suggests there might be some drama at the GOP’s national convention in September after all.

Maeve Reston

George Washington’s take on the Nevada GOP Convention

April 29, 2008

The following essay was written by a member of a Ron Paul Meetup group that goes by the name of George Washington (his essays have appeared here before). As administrator of this blog, I will tell you that when this individual speaks, I listen. Every time I open my email, I hope to find his messages waiting for me.

Thanks Mr, Washington, for putting things into perspective for t he rest of us. My offer to come on as a contributor still stands.



Any of you still think my identifying the GOP elites (the GOP party boss thugs) as Nazi fascists as “too caustic” and simply “name-calling”?

Delegates are, in some degree, like members of Congress, representing the people of their precinct and Districts. To so nakedly undermine and attempt to subvert the People’s will and voices is as fascist as it gets. More of the same agenda: Black out, shut out, undermine Dr. Paul’s voice and message at all costs; Keep the MSM from reporting on his campaign and message; Block him from participating in Republican debates; Rig and fix the voting results.

This is genuine fascism – it’s how it was done in Europe- through corrupt manipulation of the political process, the fascists were “elected” into power by “fair electioneering” just like this! The carefully controlled mass media and propaganda convinced the masses to go along in lock-step with “the Party’s platform.”

Also reminiscent of communist states as well — Fascists have “elections” and “open party deliberations” — And the candidates and representatives that have been pre-selected and approved by the Committee give the People a “fair choice” of who to goosestep behind: Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, McMussolini — You see, the Party’s Select Committee gives the people choices. See, we have choices. . . What’s the problem?

It took FORTY YEARS for the Republican Party to regain the majority – they did this in 1994 under the Contract with America that contractually promised a restoration of Constitutionally limited government. I believe the young fresh conservative Republicans sent to Washington were sincere and committed to restoring control over the runaway government. But the powers that actually control our government quickly shut them down. Ever since then, Congress has behaved as though they’ve had a gun to their heads – going along and passing unconstitutional draconian legislation with little to no opposition from “the opposition party.” And the average person can’t seem to make sense of it all. The American People absolutely do not support the unconstitutional wars of aggression and demand the US cease and desist and bring the troops home – The Dems hear their voices and could politically capitalize on this issue – but instead, advocate and support the continuation of the same foreign policies . . .??? No impeachment proceedings; no Congressional investigations into the nearly incalcuable felonies, high crimes and misdomeanors, including defiant contempt of Congress. Where’s the Congressional will and voice of the People?! They’re undeniably afraid and intimidated . . . . By who?! and By what?!

The Grand Old Party is imploding — Elitist Insiders, backroom dealing, unethical, lawless undermining the will of the People and fair and impartial elections — If the core conservative base departs and forms/joins a new party, the GOP will forever be a “third party” out of power, as it has abandoned its historic principles and Americanism. Once it’s credibility as the conservative party is gone, the GOP party will forever be fractured and finished as a major party.

Like I stated at our last quorum delegate meeting: Be prepared and expect to play hardball with the fascists of the party at State. Don’t think the WA state GOP elite will conduct themselves any differently than NV – This is a centrally managed and directed National Party agenda: Install the elite’s select puppet. The state and county officials (yes, there are exceptions to this) are goosesteping to the directives of national GOP thugs attempting to manipulate and undermine the People’s will in the GOP in order to install another neo-con fascist committed to advancing the Homeland [IN]Security Surveillance Police State of the New World Fourth Reich Fascist Order (North American Union, SPP, open undefended national borders, open uncontrolled immigration, the Fed Reserve criminal syndicate, etc. etc.).

The more the GOP thugs spit on and mock the core conservative base of the Republican Party, openly violate the laws and rules and openly attempt to openly subvert the will of the Republican majority and the People (pushing a pre-designed outcome), they are guaranteeing the GOP will lose both the Presidential election and perhaps several more Congressional and Senatorial seats. John McCain absolutely does not have the support of the core base, and will not excite Democrats to vote for another neo-con republicrat for four-more years!

Of course, what will a Hillary or Obama presidency mean?

  • The continuation of the war-mongering interventionist foreign policy
  • Moving the New World Fourth Reich Fascist Global Order to power (Just like the neo-con Republicrats)
    • The North AmeriKan [Soviet bloc] Union
    • The SPP
    • Further empowering the criminal syndicate known as the Federal Reserve
    • Furthering the establishment of a fully functioning totalitarian police state in the US, Canada and Mexico
    • The complete dissolution of the American Constitutional Republic

Based on the numbers of voter turnout (Dems v. Repubs) Dems will bury the Republicans this year. Like it or not, the Dems are as enthusiastic and fanatical about their candidate/s, and are very motivated by anti-neo-con Republicrat sentiment (HATE) as Ron Paul supporters. Many of them mistakenly believe the Dem candidate will actually end the illegal foreign wars and destructive military foreign policies. No matter – what they do know for certain is McCain will absolutley carry on perpetual illegal offensive wars, including initiating a war with Iran that will most likely bring the US to war with Russia, China and North Korea and will commit further war crimes in our name, and act against the will of the People and the Constitution.

The ONLY ONE candidate who can change this outcome and the course of America – Dr. Ron Paul. Only his message of Americanism that embraces ALL Americans can win a majority of support from all Americans, not just Republicans. That is why so many RP supporters are disenfranchised Democrats and liberal Americans.

Compare Dr. Paul’s reception to his speech to the NV Convention to the dead silent response McCain’s spokeswoman received here in Clark County. While other former candidates had supporters who were deeply passionate about their candidacy (Romney, Huckabee) McCain does not have such broad support. Romney’s abandonment of his supporters will not allow him to be the water-boy for McCain – Romney’s campaign debate messages clearly idenfying McCain as unfit are not forgotten. Conservatives of real conviction and principle simply cannot and will not vote for McCain, period.

The NWO fascists and their MSM propagandists are betting on one thing: FEAR. “If you don’t vote for McMussolini and suport the neo-con Global fascists, America will have a woman or black Marxist communist Global fascist as president, Osama Ben Laden, the omnipotent evil one, will come to your house and kill you and your family and the Demican puppet won’t answer your phone call at 3:00 a.m. to come and save you and — and we simply can’t have that. . . ” The illusion of the Matrix is finally beginning to fail.

While I thought our county convention was, for the most part, very balanced and respectful (we most certainly didn’t face this type of militant fascism, and Clark County GOP officials were actually very respectul), our intelligence conference calls reported similar lawless unethical tactics at other county conventions. ALL of the WA State GOP elite will be joined together. No doubt the fascists are strategizing over what transpired in NV this weekend and how to thwart the Ron Paul majority in Washington and other conventions around the country.

One item worth noting of the NV Convention: Chairwoman Lowden pointed out that she afforded Dr. Paul the opportunity to speak to the delegates directly (She should be commended and thanked for this!!) — AND ALL OTHER CONVENTIONS ARE NOT ALLOWING DR. PAUL TO ADDRESS THE GOP DELEGATES! More fascist gatekeeping, more bias, more manipulation.

Is it possible to push for Dr. Paul to speak at the WA State Convention? What about scheduling a speech within close proximity to the Convention, even outside so Delegates can hear Dr. Paul for themselves before deciding?

Report from Nevada GOP Convention

April 27, 2008

Ernest Hancock
Date: 04-26-2008
Subject: Presidential Campaigns for 2008 – United States

(UPDATES ADDED at end as news comes in)

HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO BET THAT THE NEVADA STATE GOP CALL THE CONVENTION BACK TO ORDER SUNDAY MORNING? – Think the Ron Paul supporters will hear about it? – I’ll bet the rules allow them to call it with as few as however many delegates they need. So even 50 Ron Paul Supporters there might be good insurance,… but then you’d have to find the Denny’s they are at 🙂

1417 is the number of credentialed delegates that can vote and a quorum is 709.
(Comment by: kedinger
Entered on: 2008-04-26 20:30:33
The number of seated delegates was 1347, the larger number was the total attendees with delegates, press, and guests.)
At the beginning of the Convention the State GOP/McCain campaign tried to limit who could be considered delegates (this is how they determined who was _not_ on that list “Nevada GOP Plays Games Ahead of State Convention by Brock Lorber“). This prompted a floor fight that went on for hours. The record crowd wondered why they were there if the people to be voted on were already predetermined.
Already the 3 congressional districts national delegates are… (3 delegates for each Congressional District) One district has awarded all 3 to Ron Paul, the second district went, One for Ron Paul, One for John McCain and One for NV. US Senator John Ensign and the third congressional district is unknown since the convention authorities won’t tell.

Nevada State Senator Bob Beers is also permanent chair of the convention. He approached the podium at 6pm banged gavel and said we lost the room, we’re in recess and have to figure out another way another time to elect the remaining 22 delegates to the national convention and left the room…. but a quorum was present and the people were not finished 🙂

After the hotel stated that they had no problem with another 3 hours of room use someone tried turning off the lights.
After running off as many as possible during the confusion the lights started coming back on. Ron Paul supporters are now getting as many back as possible to get the 709 needed to continue to vote for the 22 more delegates that need to be elected.
The lights are back on and now the microphones are coming back on and the convention chair is being asked to take a qurorum count,…. Bob Beers is nowhere to be found soooo….
Brock Lorber our on the scene correspondent (and delegate) will call me back with more shortly :). I’ll get it to you as I hear about it while I am now in Washington DC (gott’a love the Internet and modern communications 🙂
Brock just called and said that the convention chair refused to reappear. A quorum call was taken and they were short of the 709 by over 100 (I think he said 580 something). Observers to the congressional delegate count told them the numbers of the delegates from the congressional delegates for the two districts that they were involved in but the third district ballots have been confiscated by the GOP and sealed and so have the other two congressional districts without an official report to the convention.
Now the remaining 500+ delegates to the convention are acting as a ‘Committee of the Whole’ to verify WHAT THE HELL IS GOING TO HAPPEN.
I talked to several Ron Paul delegates at the convention that confirmed how the State GOP tried multiple methods to limit which delegates were to be selected from and when that didn’t work their next tactic was to drag out the process as long as possible to claim that there was no more time and end the process. Once this was done all of the McCain/GOP suits left.
I was also told that CSPAN began covering the Convention but soon left after it was clear that it was getting more complicated than could be rationally explained on TV.
Brock called again to say that a second call for a quorum was taken and it fell short. When it was clear that it was over and the delegates began to leave they found over 50 people standing in another room wanting to be around in case there was a quorum met but didn’t want it to happen so they hid 🙂
Nevada State Senator Bob Beers, convention chair, told Brian Komisky (Ron Paul’s Southern Nevada chair) that most likely the convention will come out of recess in Las Vegas… (Mitt Romney was there to support McCain so maybe he and his supporters have a plan to meet at a secure location)
9:30pm update (Nevada Time)
Confirmed by delegates who witnessed a conversation between the state party chairwoman, Sue Lowden at just before 6pm, with counters from the counting room and McCain functionaries that of the 9 Congressional Delegates up for grabs – 7 had gone to Ron Paul. These numbers were told to the state party chair and the McCain campaign people implored the chair to stop the State Convention. Soon after this conversation the Convention chair, Nevada US Senator Bob Beers, put the Convention in recess and the lights were turned off.
A 5th delegate in attendance just reported to me that just before 6pm there were several women running through the crowd looking for McCain supporters. Declaring to be a McCain supporter she was told that they all had to get out of the convention hall immediately. The delegate argued that a lot of party business was yet to be finished (Platform, delegates etc.) but was told that they would conduct business by email if they had to but that the Ron Paul people had taken over the convention and they had to get under the number needed to have a quorum.
Another delegate told me that they heard the Convention chair, Nevada State Senator Bob Beers say, “I’ll save you the trouble, I’m making the announcement that we are out of time”.
I’m really looking forward to the details of how a bunch of “non-existant” freedom supporters exposed the GOP for what it is. THIS is the WIN that I have been working very hard for. It is the “system” that is the enemy (and the Bad Guys that always wind up in charge of it).
Another update: The RNC was involved 🙂

(this article ” The Games are Afoot in Nevada ” is good prep for what was behind what this guy is describing happened)
YouTube Video by FurkDaJerk
Ron Paul – ABSOLUTE ANARCHY IN RENO, NV – Anarchy Part 1
Ron Paul campaign dominates convention – The Las Vegas Sun (the following day news)
The Bad Guys are sooo not use to this Internet thing,… which is why they _Got to Tax/Regulate and destroy it_
We sooo need a R3VOLUTION

The Paul Vote

April 25, 2008

The Paul Vote

by Bruce Ramsey

The campaign may be winding down, but the movement is far from finished.

As I write, Ron Paul has scaled down his campaign for president and gone back to Texas to defend his seat in Congress — which he should. The votes are in — enough of them. He is not going to be president, and we do need to have at least one avowed libertarian in Congress.

Bruce Ramsey is a journalist in Seattle.

Liberty never inhaled the smoke that deluded some into believing that Rep. Paul could win the Republican nomination for president. It began after the debate of May 15, 2007, when Rudy Giuliani tried to indict Paul for the crime of blaming America by criticizing the war in Iraq, and the internet cheered for Paul. Later, Paul won mock primary elections on (with 37%) and (40%).

The applause for Ron Paul! Ron Paul! came also from crowds of the sort that Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, and John McCain did not have. Paul did not attract Barack Obama-sized crowds — let us admit that — but among Republicans the fervor of the Paulistas was unrivaled. I was at a rally in Seattle in September. Paul pulled a thousand fans into the Westin Hotel: old rightists, computer geeks, students, and just plain folks. The head of the state party stood by the doorway, feeling out of place in his pin-striped suit, marveling at the turnout.

At InTrade, the internet bookie, a bet on the nomination of Ron Paul was rising from below 1-in-100 in May 2007, steadily upward. By late September, a Paul nomination was trading at 5.2, which was higher than McCain’s. The bet price of Paul kept rising, hitting 9 after his “money bomb” in early November, slumping to 5, and hitting 9 again in December, with the success of his second money bomb. Paul ended the year trading at 8.

Then, on Jan. 3, 2008, came the first caucus, Iowa — in which Paul got a 10% vote. Here was reality. For a candidate as radical as Paul, 10% was a good showing, but the “investors” were expecting something higher than that. His InTrade price collapsed. A week later came Jamie Kirchick’s slime attack in the New Republic (See “Is There a Racist in the House?” Liberty, April 2008). The damage had already been done: the Paul dirigible had been deflated by the election returns.

By late February, Paul’s InTrade quote was back to 1. So much for the superior judgment of markets. A market does reflect what participants know — and also what they hope and believe.

Paul’s fans cursed the media. “This blackout is systematic and it is self conscious,” wrote former Paul aide Gary North on It did seem like a blackout sometimes, particularly on Fox News, and being in the media industry I know that most editors never took Paul seriously. But there was reason for that. The purpose of an election is to choose a winner, and it was obvious that Paul was not going to win. He is a radical in a non-radical nation. That is not the kind of candidate who suddenly appeals to great masses of voters who have no ideology and are only vaguely paying attention. Huckabee was that kind of candidate; he could zoom from no place to the top of the heap; then poof! Barack Obama is quintessentially that kind of candidate — and most likely will be the next president of the United States.

Paul did, in fact, get a fair amount of coverage. He got more than Duncan Hunter or Tom Tancredo, and he started with about the same chances they had. He got more than Dennis Kucinich, Joe Biden, Chris Dodd, or Mike Gravel. He earned attention because of the internet polls, the money bombs, and the crowds chanting Ron Paul! Ron Paul!

The Paulistas who kept bellyaching at the press seemed to think that their man had an egalitarian right to the same air time as Mitt Romney. My word to them: Tanstaafl. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. You’ve got to earn it. Ron Paul would have received more favorable attention — and a whole lot more unfavorable attention — if more Americans had voted for him.

By late February, Paul’s InTrade quote was back to 1. So much for the superior judgment of markets.

The voters have spoken in many states. As with all candidates of strong belief, Paul did better in the caucus states — where participation requires support at a public meeting — than in those with a convenient secret ballot. At press time, he had done the best in the following caucus states, with the percentages applying either to the participants voting or to the delegates they elected: Montana 25%, Washington 22%, North Dakota 21%, Maine 19%, Alaska 17%, and Minnesota 16%.

These states are all on the Canadian border. Paul, who is from the Gulf Coast of Texas, apparently peaked at the 49th parallel.

In primary elections, Paul did best in New Hampshire 8%, the District of Columbia 8%, Washington state 7%, New York 7%, Michigan 6%, Maryland 6%, and Tennessee 6%. (Washington state has caucuses and a primary, and in its primary, Paul did best — over 11.5% — in five rural eastern counties, including four on that mysterious Canadian border.)

In primary elections, he did his worst in the Deep South, pulling 3 or 4% in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. He also pulled 3% in the most Republican state, Utah — but that is also the Mormon state, favoring Romney. Paul won only 4% of the Republican vote in McCain’s home state, Arizona, and the same in California. His best showing in California, 11%, was in Alpine County in the Sierras.


Paul actually won in some county caucuses. In Nevada, where he took 14% of the caucus vote overall, he won in Nye County, a large, thinly populated territory (two people per square mile) that includes legal bordellos, gold mines, the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site, and the home of Liberty contributing editors Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw, who moved there because it didn’t require building permits. Paul took four scattered counties (Blue Earth, Lincoln, Meeker, and Red Lake) in Minnesota, and several in Montana.

Who were the Paul supporters? Probably many were like the voters labeled generic libertarians in various surveys. Writing in the Cato Policy Analysis of Oct. 18, 2006, David Boaz and David Kirby used data from the Gallup Organization, the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, and American National Election Studies to estimate the libertarian voter at 13% of the electorate. Qualifications were not rigorous. According to Pew, generic libertarians tend to be male (59%), young, and white. In regard to race, religion, education, and income, Pew’s demographic portrait of generic libertarians is much like its portrait of generic liberals (more white, less religious, possessed of more education and income), except that most liberals are women.

Pew’s survey of New Hampshire voters before the primary showed Paul running at 3% among women and 14% among men.

The Paul attendees at the Iowa caucuses also skewed toward men, and they tended to be young, less religious, and better educated than the average. Yet, although Paul supporters there were of all income levels, they were located disproportionately toward the lower end of the income scale.

I note that in the state of Washington, Paul’s best counties are among the poorest in the state. They are places of rugged living — small ranches, orchards, and hardscrabble farms, logging operations and gold mines. They are places where people go to live off by themselves. So are Nye County, Nevada, and Sierra County, California. So is Montana, and so is Maine. So is Alaska.

Paul actually won some county caucuses. Who were the Paul supporters? Many were like the voters labeled generic libertarians in various surveys: male, young, and white.

That is not to say that most of Paul’s vote is from such places. Alpine, pop. 1,200, is the least populated county in California. Paul won a much smaller percentage of voters in San Francisco, but he got more votes in San Francisco because there are many more people — and more libertarians — there. It is the same with the states: the total Paul turnout in Montana — about 400 — could fit into a middle-school gymnasium.

The Paul phenomenon has divided professional libertarians. The Cato Institute has mostly ignored it — either because the Cato people are embarrassed by Paul’s nationalist rhetoric over the supposed North American Union and by other trappings of conservatism, such as his stand on abortion and immigration, or because they don’t want to tie themselves to someone who’s going to lose, or because their attorneys warn them about losing their 501(c)(3) status.

At, where Cato is derided as a corral of “beltway libertarians,” enthusiasm for Paul has been so great that Rockwell had to agree, last summer, to give up 501(c)(3) status.

Rockwell was Paul’s chief of staff decades ago, and has been cheering for Paul at high decibels.

On the Paul phenomenon, Rockwell writes:

In addition to garnering more primary votes than any libertarian candidate in American history, Ron has accomplished precisely what he set out to do. He has re-founded the libertarian movement on a principled basis, liberated the ideas of peace and free enterprise from monopolistic control, exposed the political apparatus for the fraud that it is, and laid the groundwork for a future flowering of liberty.

I made a more modest claim in the August 2007 Liberty:

What Paul can hope for — and it would be a very big thing — is to lead a group willing to identify itself as Republican and opposed to a foreign policy of preemptive war.

He has done something broader than that, maybe more like what Rockwell says. He has run an explicitly libertarian campaign within the Republican Party. If a political party is imagined as a tent, Paul has enlarged the tent to include people who were outside it, or maybe were in it and about ready to leave. Now they have a champion. Paul uses classic Republican language to defend a libertarian point of view and to demand that his small-government, constitutionalist, antiwar, and free-market faction be recognized and accommodated as Republicans.

This faction is far from a majority. The idea that most Republicans believe Paul’s philosophy, and that they would flock to him if he enunciated it, was always a delusion. But before Paul’s campaign, they could ignore it. Now they have to argue with it. When they argue for continuing the occupation of Iraq they can no longer pretend that all their opponents are Democrats. They have opponents in their own tent. It is only a faction, but other factions, such as the foreign policy realists, may be able to ally with it. Having a faction also allows new issues to be put on the table — in Paul’s case not only a withdrawal from Iraq but also the currency issue. It might not be a gold dollar, but even a Republican emphasis on a strong dollar would be a change.

The influence of Paul’s faction depends on how Paul plays his cards. He has said that he will not run an independent candidacy, which is smart. If he did, his influence within the party would be no greater than Ralph Nader’s in the Democratic Party. In 1988 Paul ran as a Libertarian, got 0.47% of the vote, was invisible and had no influence whatever. To do it again this year, merely to satisfy the people who get a thrill (and a salary) from campaigning would be a colossal mistake. He cannot do this, no matter how much his groupies importune him. He will have to endorse McCain — not now, and not with enthusiasm, but he will have to do it after McCain is nominated. Paul can still argue with McCain, of course, and he should — as a Republican.

Being in the party, and in the Congress, gives him a place to stand and be heard. And other Republicans will have to deal with him. (Says Fred Barnes in the Weekly Standard, “He [McCain] must attract the relatively small contingent who’ve supported Ron Paul to prevent Paul from running as a third party libertarian candidate for president.”)

Paul’s influence also depends on what happens later on. Gary North wrote in July 2007, “It will be interesting to see what his campaign organization does with all those email addresses” of contributors. In January 2008 North wrote about those addresses again: “I have read that Ron Paul has 100,000 email addresses of supporters.”

North has made his living in newsletters, and the value of the list would be obvious to him. He wasn’t mentioning it as a sales list for gold coins or newsletters, but as a list of Americans who could be inspired by a campaign of political ideas.

There is yet more to the story of Ron Paul.