About This Blog

I started this blog to help spread information regarding the Ron Paul 2008 presidential campaign.

I trust in Ron Paul’s message of personal freedom, liberty, sound money, and a reduction in our federal government. Thanks for visiting, please feel free to comment. I will censor no opinion left here, good or bad.


4 Responses to About This Blog

  1. MaryAnn Stuart says:

    Refreshing views in the article about Ron Paul and the Evolution Revolution and promo for EXPELLED.

  2. gertmeagree says:

    Hello my friends 🙂

  3. Aaron says:

    Hello-I was just wondering if you have anymore information on J.C. Bell and his exciting disovery.

  4. Patrick Riot says:

    Your second vido is an absolute reproduction of a few lines from the 10th Protocol. Used to be known as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” and can now be accurately attributed to being the “Rothschild Protocools”.

    As I read this two paragraph excerpt from the 10th Rothschild Protocol and listen to the soundtrack on your second video I can easily see that you are part of the world’s problem and not part of the solution.

    By such measures we shall obtain the power of destroying little by little, step by step, all that at the outset when we enter on our rights, we are compelled to introduce into the constitutions of States to prepare for the transition to an imperceptible abolition of every kind of constitution, and then the time is come to turn every form of government into our despotism.

    The recognition of our despot may also come before the destruction of the constitution; the moment for this recognition will come when the peoples, utterly wearied by the irregularities and incompetence – a matter which we shall arrange for — of their rulers, will clamour: “Away with them and give us one king over all the earth who will unite us and annihilate the causes of discords — frontiers, nationalities, religions, State debts — who will give us peace and quiet, which we cannot find under our rulers and representatives.”

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