Bell Bio Energy Inc Website Now Live!

For those vsitors hitting this blog for new info on Bell Bio Energy, rejoice!

Their website is no longer under construction.

Access it via the link below.

I encourge everyone to talk about this. Spread the word.

This is going revolutionize the world!


4 Responses to Bell Bio Energy Inc Website Now Live!

  1. Vincent L. Diaz says:

    I have been closely monitoring the developments at Bell Bio-Energy, Inc. They have recently put up their web site. At last we have more detail about possibly the most important discovery in alternative energy ever.

    I believe that it is of crucial importance information about their work be spread immediately everywhere. . If they are successful we will be able at one stroke to sever once and for all our dependence on foreign oil.

    EVERYONE, please go to: For those who specialize in biochemistry and energy from Biomass, pay particular attention to their FAQ section. There you will find out specific details on how they intend to convert literally “Anything that grows” into oil.

  2. todash19 says:

    Well, I’m only an average Joe with no affiliation with BellBio Energy.

    I only blogged on this because it’s a HUGE development, and since the mainstream media wouldnt report on it, i just stepped in to do their job, as most bloggers do.

    With that said, I havent had much time to do oany blogging, so i cant really anser your question.

    I do know that when they first launched their website, there was a section for INVESTMENTS.

    That link is now gone, but after a little digging on thier website, it looks like the Federal gov is finincing their efforts.

    You can check this link to contact them and ask:

    If I remember correctly, there was a 100k or 200k minimum investment.
    Again, I dont see that info there now, just a page about how the GOV is helping them out.
    Hope that helps, good luck to you, (and to us all).

  3. todash19 says:

    Wow, I just found the link for investments.

    Its under the News and Media link, but when i clicked it, it said you had to be logged in to view the page.

    Not sure how you get an account, maybe sign up for the news letter?

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