Ron Paul ankle-biters will swallow your soul!

Exchanging ideas is a good thing, and Nolan Chart created a favorable environment for it. Unfortunately, Ron Paul ankle-biters have turned the comments page into a YouTube clone. Name calling and finger pointing do not qualify as intellectual discourse!

by Gary R. Carter
Sunday, April 27, 2008

It is not a long shot to say that the Nolan Chart is quite a breeding ground for Ron Paul supporters. The Chart can routinely be counted on the have more than an ample amount of coverage of the great doctor. While I personally think he deserves all the coverage he can get, I wouldn’t expect it to be all too satisfying for those members who do not support Paul. Despite the ubiquitous skewing and monopolization of the majority of media sources, it is not unfair to expect and seek out balanced and informed journalism. So, while the onslaught of Ron Paul articles on the Chart compels me to feel compassion for those opposed to his message, that quickly dissipates under the knowledge that they don’t have to go far to be in like-minded company. From there, my compassion dissipates even further when these same people go out of their way to bash Paul on a regular basis. It is at this point that their habit begins to reveal itself as merely an attention-getting device. By the time these bashers recycle stand-by MSM championed smears that boil down to name calling and finger pointing, my compassion has completely disintegrated and nausea has taken its place. While any genuine Ron Paul supporter would welcome debate and feedback, these petty attacks that have become a common response to every Paul article and do not qualify as either of the two. While I am familiar with the accusations, I have yet to see them expounded upon beyond the headlines they were pulled from. This is what I know:

Manufactured Attack #1- Sound Money/ Gold Standard

Arguing against sound money and a commodity-based currency is like asking the government to put it in a little bit deeper. You are essentially saying that you like the market to be unstable and your currency to be debt. By abandoning the gold standard, the government isn’t restricted by the amount of reserves they need to have for spending. They can just print up more money! To compound matters, the Federal Reserve is a private bank. Instead of exercising one of the few necessary roles for government and printing currency themselves, the government buys it at a rate that already includes debt. They pay for that debt with more borrowed debt, and this results in the advent of a little ditty we like to call the IRS. Also, by abandoning the gold standard and embracing fiat money, you are welcoming the instability of valueless paper in comparison to gold, or some other commodity. By increasing the supply of money, the Federal Reserve devalues the currency that was previously earned at a better rate. The opposite process can also be applied, where bankers refuse new loans while still collecting on current ones, and thus decreasing the supply of money. Despite being blamed on the “free market”, the Great Depression was caused by the manipulation of fiat currency economy. This system is only beneficial to those at the top. By suggesting that the gold standard is antiquated or kooky, you expose yourself as either ignorant, sadistic or in on the cut.

Manufactured Attack #2- Racist/ Anti-Semitic

In an attempt to uncover dirt on Paul, nothing tangible was recovered by a media that produces political scandal like they are printing fiat money. Instead, the MSM offered up a verdict of racism based on events and associations from 15+ years ago. Comprised largely of vague associations, statistical commentary often not even written by Paul, and by presumption, this ploy only resulted in highlighting the unusually clean slate of a rare politician who dares to defy the standards of corruption and scandal. Continuing this farce by suggesting Paul is anti-Semitic based on his assessment that the Israel lobby in D.C. is too powerful and not in a good way, is like calling him a gay basher for not watching Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. Under this logic, all actions are based on race solely and criminal activities can all be attributed to racism. It is not a secret that the Israel Lobby carries a substantial amount of influence on U.S. Foreign Policy, though you will seldom catch many politicians pointing that out. The reluctance of current candidates to address the Israel Lobby lends more fodder to the idea of their influence being of a less than savory influence. Furthermore, the fact that racism is a foreign concept to true libertarians and individualists completely debases these fruitless accusations, and is evidenced in Paul’s own words.

Manufactured Attack #3- He associates with that wackjob Alex Jones

I find this one rather amusing. I love to see these trends congealing from top down. Somebody in the media uses a word, other people in the media grab a hold of this word, and next thing you know, it is being repeated with firm conviction all over the streets. This was the case with Alex Jones, as well as with the conclusion that he was a kooky, nutty, wacko, etc. The process is most brilliantly represented in the use of the word “terrorist” these days. Where it once applied to a certain type of person, it now applies to pretty much anybody who disagrees with the official story. Likewise, but not on the same scale, the media has created an army of soldiers ready to throw around names casually and discredit people by guilt of association. First of all, to suggest that Paul is “associates” with Alex Jones, both paints the accuser as a spoon-fed broken record, and it assumes that Paul associates, or is associates, with every member of the media he ever does an interview with. So, I am sure he also associates with Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and George Stephanapolus. While Jones’ personality and bravado don’t particularly lend well to an argument in his favor, his research is always well documented and his websites provide articles and documents that the average tax payer couldn’t collect in a full day of devoted attention. Lack of support for independent media is what drives our current corporate media-opoly. Truth as news was sold out a long time ago. Now, we have paid “experts” and “analysts” deciding the news.

Manufactured Attack#4- He believes in an imaginary and secret North American Union Plan

To be sure, when the President participates in secret meetings, unbeknownst to and without the oversight of Congress, and proceeds to adopt legislation, it might be construed that he is up to something. Speculation of a North American Union plan is largely based on meetings held by the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America and the ongoing construction of the Trans-Texas Corridor. The secret meeting in Montebello, Canada in August 2007 even came complete with a 25 square mile security perimeter and agent provocateurs. A bill sponsored by Tom Tancredo and John Olver included language to restrict funding to the SPP, and was passed on November 14, 2007, but has yet to be signed by the president. Bush did, however, attend the 4th annual SPP summit in New Orleans on April 21st, 22nd of this year. With protest over the mysterious activity becoming more and more heated, the summit was seen largely as an effort to play down all the unwanted attention the SPP has been gaining. It is no wonder considering the SPP acknowledges their willingness to implement “evolution by stealth” if necessary. If Lou Dobbs discusses the NAU on CNN, 20 members of the House band together in opposition to the NAU, and a number of states develop legislation locally to oppose the NAU, then Paul’s comments can only be seen as reasonable queries that reflect the concern and foresight of a good politician. By using his comments as a platform to accuse him of “kookery”, the accuser only exposes their feeble-mindedness and lack of concern for truth.

Manufactured Attack #5- Paul’s supporters are nuts/ are 9/11 truthers

In politics, a vote is a vote. This argument can also be discarded by the simple understanding that a person’s supporters do not reflect that person directly. Regardless, I would like to go further on it. In the eyes of the MSM and its finger puppets, what exactly is it about Paul’s supporters that make them “nuts”? From my perspective, anybody that would support the majority of the original candidates and/or fail to see the superiority of Ron Paul is nuts. It has been acknowledged long before the United States came into existence that government is the natural enemy of man. Government exists for the sole purpose of exerting power over people, and history gives more than ample evidence that governments are inclined to increase their power, always much to the chagrin of the people. The United States represent a novel experiment in reversing this order, which was unfortunately undermined from the time the experiment began. It is done in such a simple way too- Politicians offer the people neat gifts and fashionable programs, and naturally, people oooh and aaaah at the prospect of free things. The problem is, the politicians never tell the people that they will have to pay for it; and, that the people who have no use or interest for these gifts will also have to pay for them. So it goes, over and over again, yet politicians continue to win votes by offering up new gifts to the people. The people that have brought this huge elephant into the room and have begged to allow the elephant to stay, have no right at all to call those willing to acknowledge the elephant, nuts. It is an absurd example of reverse logic and those that support this reverse logic have revealed their own illegitimacy.

As for 9/11 truthers- the same rules apply. Without engaging in a lengthy diatribe on all of the evidence that has been brought forward by countless amounts of experts, just as qualified as the government’s experts, I will just say that the official theory is just as kooky if not more kooky than alternative theories. Once again, 9/11 truthers supporting Ron Paul only reflects on Paul in the notion that those who desire truth generally seek to find like-minded company. Paul has never stated that he believes in an alternative theory, only that he would like to see another- independent- investigation. Anybody that has read the 9/11 Commission Report should realize that is was quite plainly a whitewash. Nancy Drew could have done a more in-depth investigation than that even without the paltry financing that the Commission received.

Manufactured Attack #6- Ron Paul is a conspiracy theorist

Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th, malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves, away from the guilty.” — GW Bush speaking before the UN General Assembly

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” ~ FDR

“History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.” And “History is decided by the winners.” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

Employing the tactics of Unspeak, the media has managed to turn any and all alternative theories into “conspiracy” theories. Now, by questioning the conclusion of a handful of people, one becomes a “rabid conspiracy theorist”. Winston Smith experienced this in 1984 when he was convinced that 1+1=3. Of course, it took a little bit more to persuade him than it has for the faithful media minions that propagate the same plan for intellectual discourse. Labeling someone a conspiracy theorist is, after all, just a cowardly avoidance of engaging that person in intellectual discourse.

Manufactured Attack #7- Ron Paul is a non-interventionist/ an isolationist


We are interventionists, and have been since WWI. You should be happy that we look to be continuing on the obviously superior path of murdering people worldwide for Democracy. Never mind the implications that forcing people to pay for an illegal war has on the actual presence of this so-called Democracy. 1+1=3, right?


Ron Paul ankle-biters choose to attack his loyal supporters for not giving up. One of the most amusing ankle-biters I have come across finds amusement in calling Ron Paul a dictator. This kind of twisted logic is endemic of the breed and only assists in identifying the ailment. Undoubtedly, somebody will say that Paul and his supporters wish to force their views on the rest of the population, when actually, we are merely asking the population to stop forcing their collectivist views on us.


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