George Washington’s take on the Nevada GOP Convention

The following essay was written by a member of a Ron Paul Meetup group that goes by the name of George Washington (his essays have appeared here before). As administrator of this blog, I will tell you that when this individual speaks, I listen. Every time I open my email, I hope to find his messages waiting for me.

Thanks Mr, Washington, for putting things into perspective for t he rest of us. My offer to come on as a contributor still stands.



Any of you still think my identifying the GOP elites (the GOP party boss thugs) as Nazi fascists as “too caustic” and simply “name-calling”?

Delegates are, in some degree, like members of Congress, representing the people of their precinct and Districts. To so nakedly undermine and attempt to subvert the People’s will and voices is as fascist as it gets. More of the same agenda: Black out, shut out, undermine Dr. Paul’s voice and message at all costs; Keep the MSM from reporting on his campaign and message; Block him from participating in Republican debates; Rig and fix the voting results.

This is genuine fascism – it’s how it was done in Europe- through corrupt manipulation of the political process, the fascists were “elected” into power by “fair electioneering” just like this! The carefully controlled mass media and propaganda convinced the masses to go along in lock-step with “the Party’s platform.”

Also reminiscent of communist states as well — Fascists have “elections” and “open party deliberations” — And the candidates and representatives that have been pre-selected and approved by the Committee give the People a “fair choice” of who to goosestep behind: Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, McMussolini — You see, the Party’s Select Committee gives the people choices. See, we have choices. . . What’s the problem?

It took FORTY YEARS for the Republican Party to regain the majority – they did this in 1994 under the Contract with America that contractually promised a restoration of Constitutionally limited government. I believe the young fresh conservative Republicans sent to Washington were sincere and committed to restoring control over the runaway government. But the powers that actually control our government quickly shut them down. Ever since then, Congress has behaved as though they’ve had a gun to their heads – going along and passing unconstitutional draconian legislation with little to no opposition from “the opposition party.” And the average person can’t seem to make sense of it all. The American People absolutely do not support the unconstitutional wars of aggression and demand the US cease and desist and bring the troops home – The Dems hear their voices and could politically capitalize on this issue – but instead, advocate and support the continuation of the same foreign policies . . .??? No impeachment proceedings; no Congressional investigations into the nearly incalcuable felonies, high crimes and misdomeanors, including defiant contempt of Congress. Where’s the Congressional will and voice of the People?! They’re undeniably afraid and intimidated . . . . By who?! and By what?!

The Grand Old Party is imploding — Elitist Insiders, backroom dealing, unethical, lawless undermining the will of the People and fair and impartial elections — If the core conservative base departs and forms/joins a new party, the GOP will forever be a “third party” out of power, as it has abandoned its historic principles and Americanism. Once it’s credibility as the conservative party is gone, the GOP party will forever be fractured and finished as a major party.

Like I stated at our last quorum delegate meeting: Be prepared and expect to play hardball with the fascists of the party at State. Don’t think the WA state GOP elite will conduct themselves any differently than NV – This is a centrally managed and directed National Party agenda: Install the elite’s select puppet. The state and county officials (yes, there are exceptions to this) are goosesteping to the directives of national GOP thugs attempting to manipulate and undermine the People’s will in the GOP in order to install another neo-con fascist committed to advancing the Homeland [IN]Security Surveillance Police State of the New World Fourth Reich Fascist Order (North American Union, SPP, open undefended national borders, open uncontrolled immigration, the Fed Reserve criminal syndicate, etc. etc.).

The more the GOP thugs spit on and mock the core conservative base of the Republican Party, openly violate the laws and rules and openly attempt to openly subvert the will of the Republican majority and the People (pushing a pre-designed outcome), they are guaranteeing the GOP will lose both the Presidential election and perhaps several more Congressional and Senatorial seats. John McCain absolutely does not have the support of the core base, and will not excite Democrats to vote for another neo-con republicrat for four-more years!

Of course, what will a Hillary or Obama presidency mean?

  • The continuation of the war-mongering interventionist foreign policy
  • Moving the New World Fourth Reich Fascist Global Order to power (Just like the neo-con Republicrats)
    • The North AmeriKan [Soviet bloc] Union
    • The SPP
    • Further empowering the criminal syndicate known as the Federal Reserve
    • Furthering the establishment of a fully functioning totalitarian police state in the US, Canada and Mexico
    • The complete dissolution of the American Constitutional Republic

Based on the numbers of voter turnout (Dems v. Repubs) Dems will bury the Republicans this year. Like it or not, the Dems are as enthusiastic and fanatical about their candidate/s, and are very motivated by anti-neo-con Republicrat sentiment (HATE) as Ron Paul supporters. Many of them mistakenly believe the Dem candidate will actually end the illegal foreign wars and destructive military foreign policies. No matter – what they do know for certain is McCain will absolutley carry on perpetual illegal offensive wars, including initiating a war with Iran that will most likely bring the US to war with Russia, China and North Korea and will commit further war crimes in our name, and act against the will of the People and the Constitution.

The ONLY ONE candidate who can change this outcome and the course of America – Dr. Ron Paul. Only his message of Americanism that embraces ALL Americans can win a majority of support from all Americans, not just Republicans. That is why so many RP supporters are disenfranchised Democrats and liberal Americans.

Compare Dr. Paul’s reception to his speech to the NV Convention to the dead silent response McCain’s spokeswoman received here in Clark County. While other former candidates had supporters who were deeply passionate about their candidacy (Romney, Huckabee) McCain does not have such broad support. Romney’s abandonment of his supporters will not allow him to be the water-boy for McCain – Romney’s campaign debate messages clearly idenfying McCain as unfit are not forgotten. Conservatives of real conviction and principle simply cannot and will not vote for McCain, period.

The NWO fascists and their MSM propagandists are betting on one thing: FEAR. “If you don’t vote for McMussolini and suport the neo-con Global fascists, America will have a woman or black Marxist communist Global fascist as president, Osama Ben Laden, the omnipotent evil one, will come to your house and kill you and your family and the Demican puppet won’t answer your phone call at 3:00 a.m. to come and save you and — and we simply can’t have that. . . ” The illusion of the Matrix is finally beginning to fail.

While I thought our county convention was, for the most part, very balanced and respectful (we most certainly didn’t face this type of militant fascism, and Clark County GOP officials were actually very respectul), our intelligence conference calls reported similar lawless unethical tactics at other county conventions. ALL of the WA State GOP elite will be joined together. No doubt the fascists are strategizing over what transpired in NV this weekend and how to thwart the Ron Paul majority in Washington and other conventions around the country.

One item worth noting of the NV Convention: Chairwoman Lowden pointed out that she afforded Dr. Paul the opportunity to speak to the delegates directly (She should be commended and thanked for this!!) — AND ALL OTHER CONVENTIONS ARE NOT ALLOWING DR. PAUL TO ADDRESS THE GOP DELEGATES! More fascist gatekeeping, more bias, more manipulation.

Is it possible to push for Dr. Paul to speak at the WA State Convention? What about scheduling a speech within close proximity to the Convention, even outside so Delegates can hear Dr. Paul for themselves before deciding?


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