John McCain… Electable?


One Response to John McCain… Electable?

  1. Keith Moore says:

    You know, I hope, that I am a severe critic of John McCain and regard him as an unworthy candidate for the Republican party. At the same time, however, the rhetoric flying every which way about McCain sounds eerily similar to the theme of Jimmy Carter’s primary broadside against Ronald Reagan: warmonger. I don’t know if you were very old at that time (I wasn’t even born so I can only read about it) but the opinion people were going bonkers over how Ronald Reagan was a warmonger who’d provoke the Soviet Union and start a nuclear war. It turned out that the rhetoric was utterly absurd even with Reagan expressing “get tough” sentiments towards the USSR for years beforehand. And how much war did Reagan involve us in? Well, there was a barracks bombing in Beruit (the remaining soliders were pulled out quickly afterwards) and a small-fry operation in Grenada. The closest thing to war with the Soviet Union was Reagan taking a hard line in arms negociations with the eventual result of the 1987 INF Treaty. So forgive my suspicions about alot of “warmonger” accusations against McCain although I wish to again emphasize that I have no use for the man.

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