Ron Paul – Man Who Would Change America

State power-wielders mind the fact he would revoke most ministries in the USA, leave NATO, end war in Iraq and legalise marijuana.

John McCain will be the Republican candidate at the upcoming American presidential elections. After Pennsylvania, this is an undisputable fact because McCain is only 31 delegates short out of 1,192 it takes to win.

Facts about Ron Paul:

He has never voted to increase taxes.

He has never voted for an unstable budget.

He has never voted for a law on weapons.

He has never voted for congressmen’s salaries to be raised.

He has never used political benefits.

He has never voted to increase the authorities of the governing party.

He voted against the Patriot Act.

He voted against the regulation of Internet.

He voted against war in Iraq.

He does not want to receive a Congress pension.

At the end of year, he returns all the money he receives as a congressman.

He advocated legalisation of light drugs.

Ignored by the media

Although he was leading in all 2007 polls during the Republican candidate race, even in the survey conducted in the American army, in time, he was marginalised. American media have neglected him. Articles on him by leading press media, as well as stories by larger TV Networks are harder to find than rain in Africa.

Regardless of media`s disregard, it is surprising that he was not summoned for the Iowa debate, as a Republican candidate, while other Republican candidates were invited. The reason why is the way this controversial Republican treats politics, which is very closed and conservative in theory.

Ron Paul is a liberal Republican and a libertarian, who advocates the recall of several ministries (health, education, economy, national security) and the weapons act. Such way of thinking did not go down well with his fellow Republicans, and a campaign against him has started – he was called Satan and enemy of state.

Supporters donated 4 million dollars in one day

This enemy of state has raised 4 million dollars over the Internet in one day, all donations from his supporters. This scared many people and caused the politician to be ignored. His ideas are not unrealistic, but doable and absolutely pro-American, but pro-American in the sense of the citizens` wellbeing.

As any libertarian, Paul wants to guarantee individual freedom for people. Meaning, he wants to neglect wars and world control, conducted by the USA, he wants to leave NATO, legalise marijuana and honour democracy and the Constitution above all – without violating anyone`s individual freedom. Revoking the ministries, Paul wants to cut back on expenses and force Congress to do its task and serve the people. What his party members find worst is that he strongly opposes war in Iraq.

It is hard to succeed in today`s America with ideas like these. As a Republican who strongly advocates family values, he is not a favourite among the Democrats, or the Republicans. His vision of America is above the Republican-Democratic relations, but those whom he wises to lead are not on his level.

20 years ago, he first ran for president

-.-wikimedia commons-.-The extent to which he finds human quality more important than party quality is visible from the fact that he was one of four Republicans who have publicly supported Democrat Ronald Reagan on becoming the president of the USA. He saw a Republican in him, which Reagan confirmed by transferring to their ranks just before becoming president.

He would work hard if elected president – this is obvious from the fact that he has never missed a Congress voting session for bills approved by the Constitution in his 20 years in Congress.

Apart from politics, his greatest passion is medicine. He is a gynaecologist and has delivered over 4,000 babies. He left politics in 1984 due to this love, but returned in 1997.

Ron Paul was born on August 20, 1935 in Pittsburgh. He has a degree in medicine from the Duke University. In 1967, he started his political career, becoming the Republican representative in Texas.

Otherwise, Ron previously ran for president. In 1988, he introduced himself to the public as a libertarian and won third place.


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