This is not the time to back off and just haggle about resolutions and platforms at state and national conventions. It’s time to FIGHT!

by Alex Wallenwein
Friday, April 18, 2008

A Strategy

Some Meetups are already giving up hope (Not 360, Baby!!) , but there is a way for us to get Ron Paul the nomination, and it is absolutely doable.

In a nutshell: If enough delegations sit out the first and second vote, McCain won’t get his required majority, and the national convention will become a brokered one- which means anything goes.

There are two main hurdles to accomplishing this:

1. To be even presented for nomination, Ron must be able to “demonstrate the support” of a majority of the delegates from at least five states.

2. Getting enough state delegations to sit out the first two votes won’t be easy but it is totally within the realm of the possible!.

What depresses so many delegates is that in order to even be selected as delegates to go to the National Convention, they are required by state party rules to sign a pledge that they will “support” John McCain. That is not the end of the story, however.

The only consequence of that is that a delegate’s vote for anyone other than McCain will simply not be counted.

That’s all!

There are no legal ramifications for breaking that pledge. There are only possible ethical concerns. These ethical concerns, however, are completely swept aside by the possibility of simply NOT VOTING the first time around.

The RNC’s party rules expressly contemplate and acknowledge that State Delegations may choose to sit out a vote. Rule 37c states:

(c) In balloting, if any delegation shall pass when its name is called, then at the conclusion of the roll call all delegations which passed shall be called in the order herein before established. No delegation shall be allowed to change its vote until all delegations which passed shall have been given a second opportunity to vote.

That means (a) it’s ok to abstain from voting, and (b) the only consequence is that the passing delegation(s) must be given another chance to vote before any other delegations are released from their pledges.

The Big Challenge:

The big hurdle to climb is the requirement of paragraph (b) of Rule 40, which states that in order to even be presented for nomination, a candidate must be able to demonstrate the support of a majority of the delegates of at least five states. Here is the rule:

(b) Each candidate for nomination for President of the United States and Vice President of the United States shall demonstrate the support of a majority of the delegates from each of five (5) or more states, severally, prior to the presentation of the name of that candidate for nomination.

The rule does not define what precise “demonstration of support” is required. In other words, it is not necessary that Ron Paul must have won a majority of the “beauty contest” (popular primary) vote in five states in order to be entitled to all their delegates.

What is a demonstration of support?

A candidate can ask that the delegations of five states where he believes he has enough support be polled by roll call so as to enable him to demonstrate that he has the support of a majority of delegates then and there at the National Convention.

That means we have to get to work on the delegates of each state after the state conventions are over.

Many Republicans hate McCain, or at least dislike him.

There is a huge arsenal of issues on which McCain has exposed himself as a sell-out to conservative Republicans: national sovereignty, free speech (McCain/Feingold), amnesty, guns, abortion you name it, he has voted against conservative values on these.

There is also evidence he “sang” in Vietnam, costing untold numbers of his fellow POWs their life.

It should not be too difficult to convince conservative delegates not to vote for him with that evidence especially in light of the fact that the party rules explicitly contemplate the “passing” of votes by state delegations!

The Strategy:

The strategy therefore must be to get as many Ron Paul delegates selected to represent their state at the National Convention.

That means our delegates need to stay low key.

Resolutions are a dead giveaway, especially when they are fought over things like opposition to the war, or abolishing the Federal Reserve and the IRS, all signature issues of Ron Paul.

So, the best plan is to shut up, move along, do what you ave to do to get selected, sign the pledge to “support” McCain (it doesn’t say you promise not to abstain!) and just get in short of outright lying, of course.

If there are any ethical concerns about this supposed “stealth tactic”, think about what ethical concerns you may have if you allow McCain to become president by your inaction.

Old guard Republicans may complain about supposed “stealth” or deception-but what is it their preferred candidates do when they swear in their oath of office to “support and defend” the Constitution and then do the opposite?

What is more unethical?

What is more damaging to the country?

What is more destructive of the very foundation of our government and our way of life?

My question is: As long as there is even a sliver of a chance to get Ron Paul the GOP nomination why give up??

Why resign yourself to debating endlessly about the fine points of endless party resolutions and platforms knowing they are routinely ignored, anyway?

These party honchos and their favorite sell-out candidates constantly ignore and violate even our Constitution! What makes you think they won’t utterly ignore whatever provisions we manage to get into the national party platform?

Is that worth the price of being spotted and “marked for death” by the party honchos at the state conventions? I don’t think so.

Not when you consider what’s really at stake.

So, please, please, please don’t give up! Ron Paul still has plenty of fight left in him at his advanced age. Why shouldn’t we?

Let’s fight for what’s important (Ron Paul winning) – not for what routinely gets ignored!

Alex Wallenwein



  1. Kent says:

    I sent this to the state coordinator for Mass. Mathew Robinson . Don’t know what he thinks of it but maybe you could do a follow up. I know we got some delegates elected that support Paul.

    Any feed back you could give would be appreciated.

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