Write-In Ron Paul

Write-In Ron Paul

Posted by Lew Rockwell at April 7, 2008 01:19 PM (from lewrockwell.com)

Writes Joshua Reid: “With the travesty that we all just witnessed in the Republican primaries I was curious to why I had not seen a lot of people exclaiming for a Ron Paul Write-In on the ballot in November. I have talked to supporters out here in DC, and many of them are already planning to do so as well as myself.”

UPDATE from Fred Church: “The travesty of the Republican primaries is nothing compared to the wanton disregard many states have for write-in votes. Anyone that intends to write-in Ron Paul must very carefully check the applicable laws that determine what write-ins get counted and for whom. In my home state of California, write-ins are only counted for declared write-in candidates, and Dr. Paul would have to acquiesce to that kind of candidacy and form a slate of electors before a single vote for him is counted in in the Golden State. I don’t think any Revolutionary wants to see his vote within the ‘Scattered’ percentage the day after election day.”


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  1. tejón says:

    This blog entry is months, old, but I’m posting here because it comes up early on a Google search for “Ron Paul California write-in”…

    Dr. Paul himself does not have to authorize his electors under California law. The only requirement is that 55 electors register themselves, listing the same president and vice president.

    Due to the effort described in my website link, it appears that this will happen! I’ve become an elector myself, which involves pledging the oath of office… kind of cool, even if none of us will actually be taking a trip to Sacramento after election day. 🙂

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