Ron Paul Hosts Major Fundraiser in NJ for Murray Sabrin

April 28th Will Be Freedom Day in New Jersey with Dr. Paul’s Visit

New Jersey conservative Republican leader Dr. Murray Sabrin, the Garden State’s strongest advocate of limited government and individual freedom and candidate for United States Senate, announced “Freedom Day in New Jersey” with a major fundraising event hosted by Republican presidential candidate, Dr. Ron Paul, at the Hilton Newark Penn Station on April 28 from 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Dr. Ron Paul stated in his endorsement of Dr. Murray Sabrin, “Murray has devoted his entire career to promoting limited government and personal freedom, and I am proud to have known him and worked with him for more than 25 years.” Paul continued, “He will not only be an outstanding representative of the people of New Jersey, but the greatest advocate of liberty and constitutional principles the United States Senate has need in decades. I am delighted to endorse him and encourage all Americans who believe in freedom to support him enthusiastically.”

Dr. Sabrin stated, “My campaign to ‘Legalize Freedom’ and become the next United States Senator from New Jersey is going tremendously. We are thrilled my good friend, Ron Paul, is bringing his message of liberty and freedom to New Jersey on April 28th and attending my major fundraiser. The political combination of me in the United States Senate and Ron Paul in the House of Representatives will be a one-two punch defending the Constitution!”

Sabrin continued, “Our campaign has received donations from almost all 21 counties in New Jersey – my opponents cannot make the same claim! In addition, we have received donations from almost every State in America (Rhode Island, Vermont and South Dakota are still holding out). We will continue to raise the necessary resources to get our message of the Sabrin Solution to our state and nation’s problems and we will defeat the extremely liberal Frank Lautenberg or Rob Andrews in November.”

The event will be held at the Hilton Newark Penn Station at the Gateway Center in Newark, New Jersey. It is a very easy commute from Manhattan or any location in New Jersey. The general reception will be from 6:30-8:00 p.m. with individual tickets at $250 per person (young professionals under 30 can purchase tickets at $100 per person). The VIP Host Committee Reception will be from 6:30-7:30 p.m. with the two levels of Host Committee being Gold Level at $4,600 per person and Silver Level at $2,300 per person (see the actual invitation below).

Murray Sabrin is a retired successful entrepreneur working in commercial real estate, portfolio management, and economic research. Murray is an author, TV and radio commentator, and Professor and Executive Director of the Center for Business and Public Policy at Ramapo College. He and his wife Florence of 39 years reside in Bergen County. For more information, please visit


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