Ron Paul Jesse Ventura Ticket? Don’t Count This One Out

Ron Paul Jesse Ventura Ticket?  Don’t Count This One Out News flash!  Republican Congressman Ron Paul is still on the Republican ballot running for President of the United States.  Jesse Ventura would like to run but said “it’s too late and he doesn’t have the money”.  Like peanut butter cups, peanut and chocolate perfect together, Ventura spoke highly of Paul on Tuesday night’s episode of Larry King Live.  There was an implied suggestion that Ventura might like to be Ron Paul’s running mate.

“I wish there was an option for ‘none of the above’, I bet that choice would win,” Ventura said of John McCain, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. 

Ventura ran for Governor of Minnesota in 1998 as the nominee for the Reform Party of Minnesota (he later joined the Independence Party of Minnesota when it broke from its association with the Reform Party of the United States of America). His campaign consisted of a combination of aggressive grassroots events and original television spots, designed by quirky adman Bill Hillsman, using the phrase “Don’t vote for politics as usual.” He spent considerably less than his opponents (about $600,000), and is widely regarded as one of the first candidates to effectively use the Internet as a medium of reaching out to voters in a political campaign.

He won the election in November 1998, narrowly (and unexpectedly) defeating the major-party candidates: St. Paul mayor Norm Coleman (Republican) and Minnesota Attorney General Hubert H. “Skip” Humphrey III (Democratic-Farmer-Labor).

Ventura went on to gain the highest approval rating of any governor in Minnesota history, with some polls ranking his public approval as high as 73 percent in 1999.

Ron Paul meanwhile will take center stage along with Congressman Barney Frank on Wednesday.  Ron Paul and Barney Frank have contacted Susan Schwab requesting the details of a trade agreement between the United States and the European Union, according to a report on Poker Pages.  Both Congressmen have proposed legalizing Internet gambling, especially online poker.


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