April a Busy Month for Ron Paul

April a Busy Month for Ron Paul

If you think Ron Paul is finished with his campaign, take a look at his April schedule.

by Chris Johns

A look at Ron Paul’s website reveals an active month in store for the Texas Congressman. With rallies scheduled at several Pennsylvania colleges and universities, a speaking engagement at his alma mater Gettysburg College, a trip to Maryland, an appointment with the Nevada Republican State Convention, and yesterday’s appearance with Glenn Beck, April could prove to be one of the busiest months Dr. Paul has faced.

This is, no doubt, wonderful news to those who have been closely following Ron Paul’s campaign. Congressman Paul knows how to pack a house, and no matter the size of the facility, one can be sure that those anxious to hear Paul speak will test the local Fire Marshall’s tolerance a bit. If tickets were sold for admission, the value would be such that the ticket itself may become valuable enough to use as a private volunteer barter currency. That is, unless the Justice Department hears about it.

The internet crowd, which mainly consists of well, everybody, will also find delight in Paul’s busy April schedule. Every time Ron Paul addresses a crowd, indeed every time he utters a word on television or radio, his words are almost instantly uploaded to YouTube where his loyal supporters “bump” the video, express their devotion the good doctor, and voice their disappointment with everything from the Federal Reserve to the war in Iraq.

Although Dr. Paul hasn’t dropped out of the race, he and his faithful supporters are slowly coming to terms with the idea that barring a well placed lightening strike, Dr. Paul will not be the Republican nominee. Yet Dr. Paul presses on, spreading his message of freedom, sound money, and peace to anybody willing to hear it. Ron Paul said early in his campaign that he was going all the way to the Republican National Convention. From the look of his April schedule, that still appears to be the plan.


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