An Open Letter to Dr. Ron Paul

From Nolan Chart

by Robert Werden

I want to send out a plea to Congressman Ron Paul and the Republican Party to do something about the allegations of Senator John McCain’s violation of FEC laws.

Congressman Paul, I would urge you to examine the allegations against Senator John McCain in which he is being accused of willfully violating FEC finance law.

There are reports that the Senator from Arizona has violated FEC laws by using the promise of entering the Federal Matching funds program to:

1. Acquire a loan from theMaryland-based Fidelity & Trust Bank to the tune of $4 million.

2. Bypass signature requirements to get on multiple State Ballots

There are also allegations that the Senator sent in a request to get out of the matching funds program after Februarys Super Tuesday primaries. Doing this while knowing that the FEC was in a forced recess and would not be able to vote on the Senators request. This action by Senator McCain would allow him if approved to spend over the the FEC matching fund spending cap.

The main point I would urge Congressman Paul and the Republican Party to investigate is, did Senator McCain commit fraud by securing a loan as well as placement on state primary ballots by willingly using the Matching funds program as collateral then willingly request to cancel the request for that collateral?

If Senator McCain is in violation of FEC laws, I would urge the Republican Party to express to Senator McCain that Republicans will not stand for such actions unbecoming of the Republican Party, and eject Senator McCain from the Party. I would also urge Congressman Paul to rally the Republican Party around his still very active bid for the Republican nomination and unbind the delegates nationwide to expedite the process at the Republican National convention to nominate Congressman Paul.

The Republican Party needs to quickly act and eliminate the scandal that they will lose the White House for the Republican Party. The Democrats have already filed complaints with the FEC and this is hurting the party and it chance to win the election in November.

Congressman Paul, please investigate and act swiftly.


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