Republican Resolution: No Confidence in John McCain

This resolution was passed by a precinct and advanced forward in a county in Texas.  It should be adopted in Washington state and other states as well!

Resolution expressing no confidence in John McCain


WHEREAS John McCain has supported amnesty for illegal aliens, blatantly trampling on the rule of law through his McCain-Kennedy bill; and,

WHEREAS John McCain has opposed drilling in ANWR; and,

WHEREAS John McCain has consistently opposed the reduction of the national tax burden; and,

WHEREAS John McCain has shown a reckless attitude towards war, and a lack of appreciation for the lives of our servicemen and women, as well as those of other sovereign nations; and,

WHEREAS John McCain has opposed the continuing search for POW MIAs; and,

WHEREAS John McCain has worked to silence political speech, particularly that of grassroots and issues oriented organizations through McCain-Feingold; and,

WHEREAS John McCain disagrees with our State Party Platform far more than he agrees with it;

RESOLVED the Republican Party of Texas expresses no confidence in John McCain as the Republican Party Nominee; and,

RESOLVED the (insert county name) County Republican Party urges our State party officers and delegates to the National Convention to oppose the nomination of John McCain for President of these United States.


Submitted and Adopted by Precinct #______, Clark County, Washington, Congressional District #49, on ____________, 2008.


4 Responses to Republican Resolution: No Confidence in John McCain

  1. Did you see his speech today? You can add climate change, closing Guantanamo, and the formation of a League of Democracies to the list.

  2. reaganite says:

    Get off the bus, Gus! What’s wrong with you guys. How much do Obama or Clinton agree with the Republican platform? Clinton and Obama would start breast-feeding the illegal aliens the minute they get inaugurated. You want that? How much drilling in ANWR do you think Clinton and or Obama are going to do?
    Now let’s talk about National Tax Burdens. You want Clinton or Obama in office? Where do you think they will fund all their entitlements from? Our paychecks, my friend. You ain’t seen taxes like you’re going to have if either of them gets elected. Imagine what will happen if we have a Democrat congress to boot. God help us…
    We really need to get over the Vietnam MIAs. God be good them. They are probably dead by now. They were 18 years old during Vietnam, now forty years later, living in God-awful conditions, they have died of natural causes. We honor them, we are grateful to them, we will never forget them, we praise them, we love them for what they did for an ungrateful nation (during the sixties), but it’s time to let this go….it’s over. Let them rest in peace!
    I agree with you about McCain-Feingold. It is limiting free speech, but it’s not such a bad thing. Way too much money is spent on campaigns. It has to stop. Way too much influence is bought by large donations in the name of making a statement about something or some position.
    The party platform didn’t do too much to curb congressional spending. So doesn’t look like anyone else could care less about that either.
    Stop spreading nonsense like this. McCain isn’t exactly what we ordered, but he’s ours and we need him. He may not be the best, but he sure is better, by a million miles, than either Obama or Clinton.


  3. Jema says:

    McCain is a liberal on steroids. Why does the choice have to be between Obama, Clinton or McCain? I’m voting for NONE of the above. Ron Paul is the only one who gets my vote. Why can’t you vote your conscience, reaganite– instead of voting for the “lesser” of the evils… and McCain is in NO way the lesser.

  4. Keith Moore says:

    Good for the Republicans of Texas! John McCain is unworthy to be the Republican nominee and some tiny part of me hopes that a blatant liberal Democrat crushes him and humiliates the GOP faction that nominated him such that they go away and let us nominate someone who’d be worthy of the high office.

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