Why is Dr. Paul not the nominee of the Republicrat party?

Beautifully illustrated opinion of a local RP Meetup group member…

His email is as follows…


First of all, thank you Mr. XXXXXX for sharing the information on the rigged Texas primary “election” – any accurate intelligence is valuable and important to inform and educate the public, including and especially RP supporters.
Honestly — Why is Dr. Paul not the nominee of the Republicrat party? Because he didn’t raise enough money? Because he didn’t have enough committed supporters and voters? Because his message is/was rejected by the People? NO!!
One: the MSM is in absolute lockstep and obedient to it’s fascist corporatist masters. We witnessed an near absolute blackout and classic psych ops campaign specifically targeted to “short-circuit” Dr. Paul’s clear message – the fascists in the media made certain his voice and message was muted, interrupted, ridiculed and attacked, and completely silenced at every opportunity. The reality that MSM refused to even show or acknowledge Dr. Paul’s standing in the races, and defiantly refusing to allow him to participate in certain fake Republicrat “debates” is more than enough evidence of this conspiracy against Dr. Paul’s campaign.
Two: Elections fraud and rigging is REALITY! There is NO other candidate with such a fervent, committed support base based on educated core principles. Ask an Obama supporter what he stands for on any position – they cannot answer because they have no idea where this fictitious puppet stands on anything – that’s reality. As for John Judas McMussolini – it is far easier to believe that Building 7 of the WTC simply fell down on it’s own due to a few small fires that to believe republicans, who openly despise and detest this liberal fraud, actually suddenly felt “compelled” to vote for an anti-conservative liberal republicrat. The evidence is clear: the elections are absolutely rigged and fraudulent. REALITY-101!
Therefore, while we will continue to fight the good fight for TRUTH, no army can fight without good accurate intelligence and know your enemy!
RP supporters got out in the streets, and went door-to-door, and into the OPEN market-place (internet and independent press) armed with the truth. Voters did turn out for RP, including WA state – but the Republicrat elite made certain the outcome was “acceptable to them” – hence, the inexplicable stopping of the vote count, the innacurrate counting – and it is the case in virtually all other states, particularly with Deibold machines. THIS IS REALITY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE MUST BE EDUCATED ON AND FACE. This is our battle – it’s simply part of what Dr. Paul has been battling against, political corruption on all levels.
Hence, RP delegates and supporters are not going to the conventions to “make nice” with the republicat fascists and “fall in line”and goosestep behind Mr. McMussolini. NEVER! We are going to fight for the true principles of Americanism as expressed by Dr. Paul, by our founding fathers, and by many other great American statesmen through the ages. We are not going to “accept” or ignore the reality of the Matrix the American People are being blinded by and enslaved by.
I continue to pass out Dr. Paul’s message to anyone and everyone who actually demonstrates functional brainwave activity who can grasp reality and the truth. We continue this fight because we have a solemn and sacred duty as Americans to fight this battle – we owe it to all those who went before us, who even sacrificed their very lives in the cause of true God-given liberties and freedoms. That is one thing I came away with in participating in the caucus: regardless of who a participant was supporting (even speaking with Democrat caucus participants), there was a great sense of patriotism and honor for being engaged and involved in our democratic process. The message of Americanism reaches across all dividing lines – that is our message.
Dr. Paul’s message today was exactly where we’re the revolution is at – he is not surrendering or backing down, and neither are we. This is a battle between genuine Constitutional Americanism and Darwinian Marxist socialist fascism being embraced and advanced by both parties. Whether Dr. Paul remains in the Congress or in the White House, he will remain true to his principles and fight the good fight in the cause of Constitutional liberty and freedom – this is our cause, the People’s cause and our mandate. Educating people has been a slow process at times, but people are beginning to wake up to reality. We must continue to educate those around us, and have them educate others as well. Sharing Aaron Russo’s ‘Freedom to Fascism’ or ‘Zeitgeist’ or ‘End Game’ along with Dr. Paul’s videos and messages turns the lights on in people’s minds very quickly.
Remember, the first Revolutionary War was not won over night, nor in a year, but took many years to secure our nation’s freedom. Let us not distract ourselves with petty personal disputes among ourselves. When we wake up in the morning and look at ourselves in the mirror, let us remind ourselves: “the war is not over yet: I will fight the good fight this day.”
My Ron Paul signs remain up (not on public property). This war has just begun in earnest, thanks largely to Dr. Ron Paul.

4 Responses to Why is Dr. Paul not the nominee of the Republicrat party?

  1. MJ says:

    It’s insane that in 2008 people think that only three people (McSame, Billary, and Osama) are applicable choices for the office of the President. This country is so screwed.

  2. Maxine Hines says:

    I will never stop fighting for Ron Paul. We all must keep up the good fight.

  3. Linda says:

    Isn’t amazing that the OBVIOUS is often looked past? All of what has happened in these recent primaries (especially the fraud and msm bias) is right there, out in the open yet people just can’t accept that their governmemt would purposely decieve them so they must accept that the curent status is America’s choice. This is the same mentality used when looking at 9/11. The truth is just to painful to acknowledge.

    Great blog. Thanks.


  4. Become a precinct leader at ronpaul2008.com and get the message out there to whomever hasn’t voted yet, in another state if your primary is over. There are still some primaries remaining, and they represent an opportunity to make a statement — and then there’s the convention in September. We’re going, we’re going in numbers, and we’re not going just to watch. The fight is ON!

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