A message from Don Hazen -Executive Editor, AlterNet.org Regarding Bush’s Waterboarding Veto

This email needs to be posted and shared, and I think this is the best way I can do it.

So here it is!!!


Dear Reader,

The United States Congress and the vast majority of Americans agree: Waterboarding is torture and torture is unacceptable. With the presidential veto of the Intelligence Authorization Act, Bush once again proved that he does not represent true American values, let alone basic human rights. Bush’s veto has not closed this issue on torture however; instead it has increased the urgency to close down U. S. detention centers employing torture tactics – and do it now. Join Amnesty International as they keep the pressure on to tear down Guantanamo Bay detention centers at this key moment.

Don Hazen
Executive Editor, AlterNet.org

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Don’t Give Bush the Last Word on Torture!

Dear Reader,
On Saturday, with a single stroke of his veto pen, President Bush blocked a tough law forbidding the CIA from using waterboarding and other despicable interrogation “techniques.” Some of these are the same techniques that were used at the now infamous detention centers at Guantánamo Bay.

Act now: tear down Bush’s detention center at Guantanamo Bay.

With his veto, Bush not only justified the use of torture by the CIA but reserved the right to continue to prosecute people based on evidence obtained through torture at military commissions trials in Guantánamo. Guantánamo Bay is the most visible representation of all that is wrong with these policies.

Don’t let Bush have the last word: tear down a piece of Guantánamo.

We must show that Bush does not represent the vast majority of American citizens. This starts with each and every one of us taking a stand. With spirited protests all across the country, we’re going to make it clear that our nation abhors what our President condones.

Join Amnesty International by striking a fatal blow to the Administration’s failed policies in the war on terror. Let’s tear down Guantánamo now.

Larry Cox
Executive Director
Amnesty International USA


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