Words of Encouragment for/from RP Supporters

Since Dr. Paul’s announcement the other day, the MSM has really spun it thier way, with headlines like “Ron Paul to Wind down presidential run” and Ron Pal Calling it quits.

A dedicated supporter would not fall for this. If you have fallen for it, please allow me to present some of of the emails i have received from other RP supports who see through the MS bullshit.


The word “withdrawal” was never mentioned. Ron Paul has not formally withdrawn from the Presidential nomination. Those inclined to vote for him in the contests remaining should do so.
Absent as well was the usual congratulatory verbiage for the supposed victor, John McCain. McCain has not yet been nominated by the GOP Convention, which does not meet until September. As to whether such a victory will make McCain a “winner” is an attainment that only time — and historical perspective — can bestow (with such judgments dominated — and distorted — by the prejudices of our master classes).
Dr. Paul avoided endorsing McCain’s candidacy. Nor did he urge his supporters to do the same. This is in keeping with Ron Paul’s long-standing refusal to sanction any person or movement contrary to the principles he adheres to. Dr. Paul likewise recognizes the futility of such utterances in swaying his supporters, who should be similarly faithful to these beliefs.
All Ron Paul told his supporters is what they’ve already known for a number of months now: That he’s not going to get the GOP presidential nomination this year (i.e., What Dr. Paul terms “victory in the conventional sense”), but that the revolution on behalf of the restoration of principles he’s spoken for should continue.
Ron Paul is not withdrawing, he’s advancing in the same direction that his political career has always taken: Toward a revolution which will restore respect for the Constitution in particular, and for the principles of Liberty in general.
If this revolution can be successful, then Ron Paul’s role as its initiator will give him a significance far larger and more enduring than any of his rivals for “victory in the conventional sense”. If this restoration can be achieved, Ron Paul’s service to the Republic — and his example to the World — will be far greater and much more meritorious than those of any President.
This is victory in the real sense, and well worth fighting for.
We, as Ron Paul supporters, do so based on shared principled positions, not based on “cult-of-personality” or empty political rhetoric. There is NO other campaign or candidate like Dr. Paul or the Ron Paul rEVOLution. Even if Dr. Paul were to withdraw from the race, or succumb to insanity and actually urge Ron Paul revolutionaries to “vote for Judas McMussolini and the Republicrat New World Order Party, I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR A FASCIST OR A COMMUNIST OR ANY OTHER ANTI-AMERICAN POLITICAL TRAITOR AGAIN – I will never again vote for “the lesser of two evils” – this sham election was specifically crafted for this very result: The American people truly have NO ONE (EXCEPT FOR DR. PAUL!) to vote for (between the three fake puppet candidates).

I will be supporting Dr. Paul and the revolution at the county (and hopefully the state) conventions, and will vote for Dr. Paul in November, even if that means writing his name in! If that means that one of the Marxist fascist socialist Demican puppets “wins” – then so be it – the Republicrats more than deserve to lose in a big way! They had every opportunity to vote in Dr. Paul and reverse America’s destructive course. Regardless of what the one-party State orchestrates, genuine American patriots will remain firmly resolved and committed to the principles of Americanism – those principles which our nation was established.

Surrender or retreat is not an option.

God save our Republic! God bless Dr. Paul!


Why would Ron Paul drop out when McCain is unelectable?
Not when McCain’s mentality is that subsidies should be ignored with the purchase of air tankers, landing the bid in the hands of a foreign nation.
What kind of President would this make?
And the economy is his weak point?
The last thing we need after Bush is a NeoCon Puppet.
I appreciate hearing your ideas and news you present. I don’t really know where to get my news these days. Ronpaul2008.com has become a trusted source.
But if one were to watch MSM, as I saw on Yahoo, they said Paul hinted at leaving the GOP race. This is incredibly irresponsible.
Keep the news coming.
Because when this is all said and done, MSM will not have an ounce of credibility. But they sure are good at propoganda and lies and distortion of reality.
Welcome to 1984. But no matter how MSM presents it, Freedom isn’t Slavery.
Again, listen close to what RP is really saying and look at his face while he talks
Between Mc Cain ( I have actually met this man when I lived in Arizona ) He is out of control and I believe he is nothing more then the same as Timothy Mc Vey watch the Manchurin Candidate. Then the Hilary Lesbian queen and believe it or not I was in school in Illinois at Maine West THS and she went to Maine East with my boyfriend at this time but he was 2 yrs older then me and she was 4 yrs older from Park Ridge where all the rich snots lived and her dad pushed her like a man..literally
Obama……….funny to think any millionaire would ever live or go to church on the south side of Chicago. None of us would dare be found there or we would be dead.
I have attached his own lies and church profile which is all Mason, new age, world order and you can see it on this attachment at the end of the report.
EVIL NOTHING BUT EVIL What is now amazing me is this news of RP has gone to the Republicans and they are actually finding themselves in some fear now.
They do not want him out. They do not want Mc Cain and I see this is what the liars of the media and the bilderbergs want at this time……..to lie about how popular Mc Cain is to the Republicans is merely the extreme right wing and the democrats and not real conservative Christian republicans.
No one wants continual war, poverty and this continuing failure of this countries ecomomy.

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