Ron Paul Is In The Race Until The End

I recieved this email the other day. I found it very enlightening…

From the horse’s mouth, Ron Paul IS IN THE RACE TO THE END
Posted March 7th, 2008 by dodobogo

I am posting this Mar. 6, 2008. My name is Bruce Bolock and I live in Lake
Jackson, Texas
. I have been a dedicated Ron Paul supporter and campaigner
for more than 11 years. I am writing this on my wife’s computer. With
three other dedicated supporter’s of Dr. Paul we met Sunday, March 2, 2008
for approximately 1 hour. Dr. Paul stated he is looking forward to
campaigning in Pennsylvania (his birth state), North Carolina, and other
primary states as the primary season winds down. He will enthusiatically
go anywhere he is asked. He is in it as long as the funding continues to
come in. Immediately before writing this I had a discussion with Carol
Paul to confirm my understanding. Carol validated our understanding of the
Sunday conversation. Earlier she had discussed this over the phone with

We have an excellent opportunity before us. Let’s not blow it!!! Those
voters for McCain will now NOT turn out to vote as they see it unnecessary
to go vote (based on the false, misleading information from the MSM). Or,
they may switch over to vote against Hillary or Obama. The Ron Paul
supporters can win the popular vote in these primaries and win the
delegates. There is no other viable choice. It would be wise for the
supporters of Ron Paul to continue to contribute to the campaign so that
Ron can ride this all the way to the national convention. I am involved
here and I am a delegate to the state senatorial convention. John McCain
currently has ZERO committed delegates from Texas. That’s right—ZERO!!!
The MSM has told you he has won the convention based on the delegates he
won in Texas. Let me repeat, John McCain currently has ZERO delegates from
Texas. We have the state senatorial convention and the Texas State
convention to determine the delegates to go to the National Convention.
They quite well may all be Ron Paul delegates.

Hence, we the supporters of Ron Paul need to cease and desist sending out
these false rumors! They don’t help Ron, they demoralize his supporters.
Please stop this nonsense, this only helps the establishment further
control us. The establishment fears Ron Paul and a brokered convention.
Don’t help them destroy this great opportunity,



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